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GENERAL INFORMATION in relation to the website
In complying with Law, referring to Company Services in the areas of Information and Electronic Commerce, we hereby bring to the attention of users of the website the following general information:
1. The website constitutes the official site of the company MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD
The current website has been created and maintained at the request of MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD, which holds the title over all domain names which lead directly to it.
2. For all effects foreseen in Law 34/2002 of 11th July, the commercial enterprise MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD communicates to users the domicile of the company as:
35/F Central Plaza – 18 Harbour Road – Hong Kong
3. The users of the present Portal will be able to establish direct and effective communication with Multihull Industries Ltd by means of written communication sent to the domicile indicated in point 2 of this general information, as well as by any of the following means:
Tel.: +86 1582 1975 483

These are the General Conditions of Use of website of the company MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD, which one accesses via the main IP address, as well as through all other parties who permit direct access to certain sections or pages pertaining to this website.
The existence of the present General Conditions of Use does not preclude the existence of other dispositions or conditions of access to the different sections that make up the website of MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD

Users will have read the present General Conditions of Use of this website. The use or access of this Site implies full knowledge and acceptance of the legal warnings and conditions that are specified as follows.
At the same time, the use of determined services available to users of this official Site can be submitted to special conditions, warnings or instructions that will also be consulted and accepted without reservations.


The use of the official Site of MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD is currently free of charge. This does not preclude the possibility, at some time either currently or in the future, that the use of several of the services offered by this Portal might in fact be conditional on the payment of an agreed price, in which case this fact will be clearly indicated..


Use of the Official Site of MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD will be subject to the content of these General Conditions, and to whatever legal clauses are applicable as well as to generally-accepted moral standards and customs.
MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD reserves the unilateral right to deny access to this website to those users who fail to comply with the present General Conditions of Use.

The name “Splash-Catamarans” and the graphical branding of “Splash-Catamarans”, exactly as it appears on the home page of this website, as well as other distinctive signs (names, graphics and graphical names) that also appear in this website, enjoy protection by virtue of the regulations in force relating to Industrial Property. MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD holds the exclusive right to use them in its economic activities. As a consequence, it is prohibited for third parties to use them without explicit prior authorization.
The eventual presence on this Site of distinctive signs of title outside what has been reviewed in the preceding paragraph can take place without commercial purpose and with the authorization of the legitimate title owners, always with deference to their own exclusive rights.
The contents, texts, photographs, designs, logos, images, sounds, videos, animations, recordings, computer programs, codes, sources and in general, any intellectual creation within this official Site, as well as the Site in its entirety as an artistic multimedia piece of work, are protected as author rights under the legislation relating to Intellectual Property.
Complying with the above, MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD reserves the exclusive rights to reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, as well as over any other right reflecting hereditary ownership, over the elements signalled in the preceding paragraph; and all without prejudice to the moral rights corresponding to its authors.
The user of this website commits to respect the rights explained and to avoid any act which could prejudice them. The non-compliance of what has been established in this section and, in general, any infringement of the peaceful possession and title of the aforementioned exclusive rights will be prosecuted using the full means of the appropriate legislation international, whichever prevails.
In this sense, MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD retains as reserved the exercise of such actions, whether civil or penal, which protect its legitimate rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The user is expressly authorized by MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD to view, print, reproduce or store in any other format in his/her hard disk or other physical form, any content or active protection or not for a right to exclusivity present in this website, so long as this takes place for the personal and private use of the user, without commercial purpose, including distribution and diffusion of material on line and without modifying it, altering it or breaking down the aforementioned contents. This authorization for personal use is understood to be effective only when notice of the rights of author and Industrial Property set out here are respected and kept intact and does not assume the concession of any license to the user.

Any other use will require express authorization in writing from MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD. In keeping with what has been presented up to this point, the unauthorized use of the rights of Industrial and Intellectual Property held by the commercial enterprise MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD and related entities or contents in this website, as well as any infringement of the peaceful possession or title of the aforementioned rights will be prosecuted under the means provided by the international legislation, whichever prevails.
People or entities wishing to realize a link from a webpage or other internet portal to any of the pages of the website of MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD will need the deliberate authorization of MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD

The establishment of links without respecting the merited conditions could entail a violation of the Intellectual and/or Industrial Property rights held by MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD and other authors protected in the terms signaled in point 4 of these General Conditions.

Information: the information, whether owned or from third parties, that appears in the website “” is supplied “as is”, without guarantees of any type relating to its accuracy or realization. As a consequence, MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD does not accept responsibility for any possible prejudice that the use of the same could cause.

Errors: in relation to the previous paragraph, documents published could contain technical inconsistencies or involuntary typographical errors, for which the company MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD does not hold responsibility. In any case, MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD apologizes for any such errors, committing to put the said irregularities right as early as possible, and is grateful for any comment or suggestion in this respect, which the user can send by e-mail to o by filling in the form that is located in the section Client Service or Contact.

Hyperlinks: the links, with or without advertising content, that exist on this website to allow the user to abandon the official page of MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD . The connected sites are not related, except where otherwise indicated, with MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD ; MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD is not responsible for the contents accessed by those who use the aforementioned links, nor for the consequences that are brought to bear on them by doing so, nor for the use of those who traverse those links, nor for the technical availability of the same.

In any case, MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD , in accordance with the norms for linking to independent web pages established in point 6.1 of the present general conditions, is committed to do as much as possible to avoid the existence on its website links to sites with illegal content, which promote illicit activities and, which in general are likely to act against principles of liberty and human dignity or to harm the values and rights recognized by the international law or to damage goods or rights of third parties.

So far as it is made effectively aware of activity that can be seen from the aforementioned links to be illicit or likely to damage the goods or rights of a third party, MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD will act immediately to suppress them or to make them unusable.

Modification of contents: the information, the presentation and the services that this site offers are subject to change, sudden or occasional in nature; this can be affected by the company MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD without the company being obliged to communicate this to users.

The functioning of the Site:

Privacy: MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD does not guarantee absolute privacy in the use of this Site, and this does not preclude the possibility that unauthorized third parties could obtain data nor the circumstances under which this could occur.

Virus: MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD does not accept any responsibility for possible damage caused by information viruses, whose absence can in no way be guaranteed.

Technical problems: the company MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD is exempted from any responsibility derived from the poor functioning of the Site or from any of its services that is caused by accidental circumstances, by “force majeure”, by necessary maintenance works, or by any other cause that cannot be attributed to the same.

Even if, in principle, the duration of this site is indefinite, MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD still reserves the right to suspend or give notice to end the supply of any or all of its services, without being under obligation to communicate this decision in advance to users of the site.


The present General Conditions of Use are founded on international law. Any dispute in relation to the website of MULTIHULL INDUSTRIES LTD will be substantiated before a Hong Kong jurisdiction, submitting itself to the Judges and Tribunals of the City of Hong Kong, with express renunciation of any other jurisdiction if held and different to what is reviewed here.

The following applies to all Splash Catamarans:

Employees of Splash Catamarans are expressly required not to make any defamatory or harassing statements and not to infringe or authorise any infringement of copyright or any other legal right by Email communications. Any such communication is contrary to company policy and outside the scope of the employment of the individual concerned. The company will not accept any liability in respect of such a communication, and the employee responsible will be personally liable for any damages or other liability arising.

The following applies to all Splash Catamarans:

No employee or agent is authorised to conclude any binding agreement on behalf of Splash Catamarans with another party by Email without express written confirmation of a Splash Catamarans Senior Manager.

If Splash Catamarans is used for communicating with legal counsel, the following is applicable:

This communication is made for the purpose of obtaining legal advice or preparing for legal proceedings and legal privilege will be claimed accordingly.



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