Catamaran charter, a world of endless sensations

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Thanks to our catamarans at Splash Charter you will find a world of endless sensations that will turn your holidays into a dream come true.

Splash Catamarans is exclusively dedicated to the charter of catamarans because we want you to enjoy the sea and nautical tourism with the best and most suitable vessels for family sailing. A catamaran is with no doubt the most demanded and requested kind of boat for nautical vacations in family or with friends.

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For this reason we have a complete range of modern sail or motor powered catamarans of all different models and sizes, as well as the most exclusive luxury catamarans at your service. We want you to experience at first hand the infinite potential hidden in these marvelous vessels.

Enjoy the advantages of catamaran sailing on our exceptional boats wherever you want, using whatever route you prefer and in the company that you choose. Make your dreams come true and enjoy this wonderful unforgettable experience.

Great Stability

One of the main and most pleasurable features of catamaran sailing and anchoring is the stability. This is because in catamarans activities such as reading, sleeping, etc are much easier. In fact basic living becomes much more comfortable and safer thanks to the fact that catamarans do not have a keel (which avoids rolling), that noticeably reduces the possibilities of suffering from seasickness which can often spoil a sailing holiday.

Greater safety

The two hulls are divided by the central saloon which is on the same level as the cockpit and the deck. This means that you can still have your own privacy in a catamaran even with a numerous crew on board: This layout provides an excellent all round visibility and provides a lot of interior light: You are also in a safe environment as you are permanently in contact with the exterior.

Small draught

Catamarans are very easy to handle in shallow waters because they have a small draught. This enables you to get to hidden inlets, bays or beaches that are inaccessible with other types of vessels.

Magnificent living quarters

Catamarans have magnificent living quarters thanks to the exceptional wide beam, which is another important feature. A true feeling of spaciousness in the cabins is given to make you feel as if you were at home.

Higher average speed

Another advantage of the catamaran is that the impressive wide beam produces a larger sail area per unit of length .This as well as the fact that there is no keel counterweight means that catamarans are very stable. They also have a higher average speed as they are lighter and more agile than other types of craft.

Complete comfort

The comfortable and spacious trampoline net between the two hulls is another one of the many features of the catamaran, making the voyage a true pleasure.


Specialized in selling high-end catamarans & trimarans. The most advanced and seductive building materials. Innovative designs that revolutionize market standards and exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers.


We have at your immediate disposal a complete range of modern catamarans offering different features and designs, as well as our top of the range models. Discover at first hand the infinite potential hidden in these marvelous yachts.

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